About Boris Uan-Zo-li, the Artist from Russia

Boris Uan-Zo-li was born in Moscow, Russia in the 1930ies. His father was a Jew from a famous town of Odessa who worked as a civil engineer. His mother was half-Cossack and half-Chinese. His grandfather Wang Zo Li came to Russia in 1904 from China. After the communist revolution Zo Li Wang adopted the Russian first name, but decided to keep his Chinese name. When a Russian bureaucrat was recording his name, he made a spelling error, and the last name became Uan-Zo-li. This mistake spawned the whole generation of Uan-Zo-li’s.

Boris graduated from the Moscow Power Institute in 1961. He was employed as an electronics engineer for 30 years and during his career he authored 165 patents. In 1969, Boris graduated from the Department of Book Illustrations in Moscow Polygraphic Institute, but continued to work as an engineer. In 1973, he started painting using his original style, later referred by his friends as “Uan-Zo-lism”.

During the Soviet times, Boris participated in four exhibitions. During the one of the exhibitions in the USSR his paintings were withdrawn from the gallery by the Soviet bureaucrat because they did not fit the communist vision – while his name was still mentioned in the catalogue. After the fall of communism, Boris’s paintings were exhibited in a number of places, including the Central House of the Artists, one of the most prestigious Russian exhibitions. Some of Boris’s paintings are now in private collections in Germany, Switzerland, France and the United States. 5 years ago Boris moved to the USA. He believes that the American art market is much more welcoming to his unique style, and he intends to promote his paintings there.

If you want to reach him, contact his son, Alex Uan-Zo-li at: 503-545-7001

Email: auanzoli@outlook.com